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Try something different with Bolivian coffee beans

By Carol Finch

Many coffee lovers are now trying - and really enjoying - Bolivian coffee beans for the first time. As a coffee producing country Bolivia doesn't really rank up with the big guns in production terms so it may not be an automatic choice for you when it comes to trying out new beans.

But, don't let this put you off trying their beans out - beans from Bolivia have developed a great reputation recently and really are worth a try if you like to taste new coffees from around the world.

In the past the coffee that came out of this country may not always have been of the highest quality even though growing conditions in the country are so good - but things are sure different now. Bolivia may not be one of the largest bean growers in the world but they are now generally producing coffee beans of the highest quality that will please even the harshest coffee critic.

The fact is that this country is ideally situated to grow good coffee - and now that the government and coffee growers are making real efforts to take their coffee production very seriously they are actually now growing and producing good coffee. The majority of beans grown in Bolivia are of Arabica origin so you have a good pointer of quality there.

And, many Bolivian coffee growers choose to farm their coffee plantations naturally so it's far easier to find truly organic coffee beans here than in many other major coffee producing regions.

So, if you are looking for new coffee tastes then think about checking out your options from Bolivia next time you shop. You'll usually find that the beans produce a sweet tasting cup of java with a pleasant balance which will suit virtually any palate or occasion.

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