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Brew up some history with El Salvador coffee beans

By Carol Finch

El Salvador coffee beans could well turn into one of your favorite brews if you haven't already tried beans from this country already. As a country El Salvador has a long history of producing quality coffee.

In fact coffee production is a real driving force within the economy of the region and that means that quality counts - so you could find yourself with a premium bean here in many cases.

Ask any coffee lover and they'll tell you that El Salvador really have committed to getting the best out of their coffee growing potential - partly because coffee exporting plays such a major part in the country's economy.

There may have been blips here and there due to the country's turbulent history but don't let this put you off. El Salvador beans are well worth a try and could pleasantly surprise even the most jaded palate.

In fact many coffee experts really rate El Salvador's beans. For example, the Arabica beans produced there are generally considered to rank as one of the best types of Arabica in the world so you could find that they go down a treat. The Bourbon bean is particularly prevalent in the country - so, if you're looking for a fine Arabica grown with tradition and history behind it then this may well become your coffee bean of choice in days to come.

The various coffee growing areas within this country all produce a different type of coffee bean to try. So, you could, for example, buy beans with varying degrees of body, acidity, flavor, taste and aroma. This means that a cupboard full of El Salvador beans could suit you for just about any occasion and you can brew up a cup for every day drinking or save a really fine Arabica for special occasions.

The choice here really is up to you!

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