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Go back to the birthplace of fine coffee with Ethiopia coffee beans

By Carol Finch

Ethiopia coffee beans are ranked as some of the finest in the world - it's generally thought that the country produced the first Arabica plant, after all! Coffee is grown across various regions within Ethiopia and various types of bean are produced here - so you can brew up a pot for every occasion.

If you're really interested in organic coffee beans then this country may well turn into your producer of choice for all kinds of coffees as beans are harvested via traditional methods with great care, ceremony and attention paid to quality.

Typical beans produced in the regions within the country include Harrar, Ghimbi and Sidamo, for example.

The chances are you'll find an Ethiopian bean to suit any kind of coffee taste from a light coffee, to a full-bodied brew or a dark roast. A lot of coffee aficionados really rate Yiracheffe beans. These are generally grown in the south of the country and produce one of the best cups of coffee you'll ever taste so this is certainly worth looking at if you want to try something new.

The great thing about Ethiopian beans is that you'll get something new out of each type you try.

So, if you're entertaining you'll be able to brew up a fantastically special cup of coffee to serve to your guests. Or, if you simply want a kick-start in the morning or a mild cup of coffee during the day then you'll find a bean to suit you too. The fact is that quality counts in the country. So, even an every day coffee bean from this country will taste great and give you something different to drink.

Do remember to shop around before you buy beans from Ethiopia - some retailers will charge extra for quality but it's perfectly viable to get a good price for even the best quality beans here if you shop around on the Internet.

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