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Burr coffee grinders - the best way to grind your coffee beans?

By Carol Finch

The majority of real coffee experts will advocate burr coffee grinders as the best machines to use when you're grinding coffee beans. These kinds of grinders don't just belong in the kitchens of pro coffee shops and restaurants any more.

It's now real simple to pick up a burr grinder as a standard kitchen aid for domestic use. In fact they have become so popular with regular coffee drinkers that it's now also real easy to get these well rated machines at a significant discount if you shop around.

The real deal with a burr grinder is that it does much more to your bean than a standard grinder. A standard chop blade grinder doesn't necessarily grind evenly all of the time - but a burr grinder does. So, you'll simply get a more uniform grind on your coffee beans which will guarantee better grinding and a better taste.

These kinds of grinders also allow you to easily decide how you want to grind your beans - there's no easier way to brew a cup of espresso or to produce quality coffee for your percolator, for example.

There are all kinds of burr grinders available on the market today. You can choose from doser and doserless machines, retro designs, state of the art stainless steel models and choices from all kinds of coffee equipment maker specialists. The biggest issue if you're looking to buy your first grinder is which one to buy. Prices may be extremely reasonable at the moment but you still want to make sure that you buy the right machine from the right manufacturer.

The easiest way to do this is to make sure that you shop around and to do some research before you buy. One good tip is to go online and to read customer reviews on burr grinders to see how individual machines work for other people. Doing this kind of comparison will help you make sure you get the best grinder to suit you and your java habits!

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