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Keep it simple with chop coffee grinders

By Carol Finch

Chop coffee grinders are probably the most commonly purchased and used type of coffee grinding machine on the market today - especially when you're talking about use in the home. These types of grinders are standard issue in many domestic kitchens.

If you're looking to buy your first coffee grinder then the basic choice you need to make is whether to buy a chop grinder or whether to go for a more advanced pro kitchen aid such as a burr grinder. Many coffee aficionados will tell you that a different kind of grinder such as a doser or doserless burr machine will give you a better grind and that this is therefore the best kind of mill to use.

It is true that a standard chop grinder won't necessarily give you the finest and most accurate grind on your beans in comparison to other types of grinder. These machines are designed to

Also see whole bean grinders for more details.


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