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Do it all yourself with green coffee beans

By Carol Finch

Green coffee beans are basically coffee beans that haven't yet been through the actual roasting process. If you buy these types of beans then your coffee will have been sorted by grade as usual and prepared right up to the point of roasting but that part of the coffee making process won't yet have been done.

So, you will, quite literally, be buying green beans - they'll only turn their familiar brown color once they've been through a roasting process.

A surprising number of coffee drinkers actually prefer to buy their beans green (often in bulk or wholesale online over the Internet from specialty importers) and to simply roast them themselves at home as and when they need them. To do this you will need a coffee roasting machine in most cases - but there are various roast equipment options here that have been specially designed for home coffee bean roasting use.

So, this is not necessarily an expensive option - buying green beans in bulk can even save you money in the long run and the actual roasting process is real quick too. Roasting your own beans really will take no time at all.

What are the key advantages here? The primary thing that java junkies will be keen to hear is that - if you roast your own beans - you'll have complete control over the roasting process. And, you'll be guaranteed the freshest cup of coffee you could possibly ever get. So, one batch of one type of green beans can produce all kinds of roasts to suit any coffee drinking mood you might have.

You can go for a dark roast like an espresso or a smoother milder roast if you prefer - all from the same supply of green beans. You simply won't be limited by the bag of coffee you choose to buy as the possibilities are endless here!

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