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There's no better smell in the world than roasted coffee beans!

By Carol Finch

If you like your cup of coffee then you'll probably agree that the smell of fresh hot roasted coffee beans is one of the best smells in your world. But, coffee beans don't come ready made (or ready roasted) - there's a long expert process that takes place before the roasting program can begin.

Coffee beans aren't just picked and roasted - the actual bean needs to be extracted from the fruit before it even starts to look like a real coffee bean. This unroasted bean is not actually brown but green - and green it will stay until it's been through a roasting process of some sort or other.

If you buy roasted beans already then you'll know that there are various types of beans that you can buy. It's easy to see the difference if you compare the look of different types of beans - in simple terms some are dark brown and some are lighter. Some roasts are made up of a single type of coffee bean and some are blended together to produce a specific type of custom made blend.

In general terms coffee beans are roasted in grades from a light roast to a dark roast. The darker roasts obviously result in a darker bean and the lighter in a lighter one. You can also gauge the taste of the coffee from the roast. Lighter roasts tend to be sharper and darker roasts more full-bodied. The kind of roast you prefer is really down to your own personal tastes.

One thing that many coffee lovers don't realize is that you can roast your own coffee beans at home if you like. This gives you complete control over the level of roast that you can make and it's a great way to experiment with new roasts and new types of coffee. So, if you really are a java fiend think about buying a home roaster and see what you can do!

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