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Whole bean coffee - a grind that can be fun!

By Carol Finch

There are many coffee drinkers out there in the world that positively swear on the merits of whole bean coffee. If you buy your coffee this way then you'll basically have to grind it yourself before you brew it up.

Here, it's the beans that you'll be buying - your roasted blend won't be ready ground for you.

So, why do coffee fans like the whole bean and nothing but the bean? Simply put buying your coffee this way can extend its storage life and improve flavor but - most importantly for the coffee connoisseur - grinding your own beans simply means that you can also control your grind to suit your tastes.

So, you can enjoy the perfect cup of Sumatra Mandeheling or Brazilian Santos just the way you like it.

Coffee grinders come in all shapes, sizes and forms - many of them nowadays allow you to choose exactly how you do grind your beans which can make a very real difference to the taste of your cup of coffee. If you have this kind of control then it's much easier to brew the perfect cup of coffee!

You don't have to buy a state of the art coffee grinder to enjoy the whole bean - you can see a real difference with even the cheapest grinders. The key thing to remember here is that you really do get a better flavor of coffee if you grind your beans as you're ready to use them - if you buy ready ground coffee then the flavor will simply start to deteriorate from the moment the beans are ground which could be a long time before you pick it up from the shelf in your local store.

Your cup of coffee may still taste good with ready ground coffee - but if you grind whole beans yourself it could taste downright fantastic!

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