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Get the best brew with gourmet coffee beans

By Carol Finch

If you're a coffee drinker then you'll already know that there's more to making the perfect cup of coffee than just picking up one type of bean or blend. Gourmet coffee beans can simply make coffee drinking a whole great new experience.

Coffee is just like any other goods you might buy in a shop - visit your local supermarket or specialty coffee store and you may well be amazed at the wide range of choice you are given when it comes to buying your beans or ready ground coffee.

In most cases the range will include standard coffee brands right through to the finest premium gourmet products. Of course there's nothing wrong with a standard cup of coffee but a exotic coffee can really be something special.

Coffee drinking is a big commercial international industry nowadays - this means that it's possible to source and buy all kinds of gourmet coffees from all over the world quite easily either in stores or via website shopping. So, what makes a gourmet coffee?

Well, to a certain extent that will depend on you and what you want from a cup of coffee in the first place. When looking for gourmet brews some people will select flavoured coffees, some will select signature blends and some will look for single blend roasts from a specific country that is renowned for the quality of its coffee bean.

You do need to be aware that you will pay more for a gourmet coffee than for a standard one but the price difference doesn't have to be huge. It's also always possible to find wholesale deals, special supplier offers and sale prices if you shop around a little - especially if you use the Internet to find comparison prices.

What all these gourmet coffee lovers have in common is the desire to make a very special cup of coffee whether they roast their own beans, grind them themselves or simply buy ready ground coffee off the shelf. You may choose to use gourmet coffee just for special occasions or may treat yourself to it everyday - in either case try to keep it creative and to keep trying new coffees. There are some great gourmet brews out there just waiting to tickle your taste buds!

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