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Keeping it simple with ground coffee

By Carol Finch

There are two main ways to buy fresh coffee - you can buy it as bags of ready ground coffee or as coffee beans. The obvious advantage to buying ground coffee is that you don't have to grind it yourself - you can simply use it to make a cup of java straightaway!

Your average barista may turn their nose up at the thought of buying coffee ready ground but you can't beat this option for simplicity and convenience.

The disadvantage that they see is that you do lose a little freshness if the beans you buy have already been ground - but the difference here is minimal. You should simply make sure to store your coffee in the right kind of container and remember that it may not taste as good if you store it opened for months than if you drink it regularly over days or weeks.

The great thing with this kind of coffee is that there are hundreds of brands to choose from offering coffees from all over the world and of all types and flavors. You'll probably get the best choice of coffee this way as this is probably the most common way that consumers buy coffee. You can even have your favorite coffee store such as Starbucks grind you a bag of coffee to take home so you can enjoy their coffee there as well.

The way you use your coffee here will depend on the machine you have available. Some people use this kind of coffee in a cafetiere, some use it in a percolator and some in an espresso machine. The key thing here is that you can use this kind of coffee for just about anything.

One good thing to remember is that it's real important to buy coffee that is ready ground that is designed for the cup of coffee that you want to make. A standard bag of coffee will work great in a standard coffee machine but may not work so well in an espresso maker. So, keep an eye out for specialty coffees that suit your drinking habits - you'll see a real difference in the taste.

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