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Drip coffee makers - the mainstay of every home?

By Carol Finch

The majority of coffee drinkers will have owned (or will still own) one or more drip coffee makers in their kitchen. These automatic drip coffee machines are probably still the most popular way that the majority of coffee lovers make their coffee every single day.

This kind of machine has been around for domestic use for decades. Some may think that they have been replaced by more modern machines that can make different kinds of coffee but a surprising number of us still hang on to our drip machines as we're still convinced that they make the best coffee we can get.

Drip coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes and - nowadays - many models can do more than just brew up freshly ground coffee. Some of these machines are designed to make smaller quantities of coffee and some - such as 12-cup models - can make a lot of coffee at once. In some cases you can even use attachments to do stuff like grind your own coffee as well.

But, most people that still use these machines swear by them because they are simple to use, easy to clean and very cheap to buy. And, they'll consistently produce a real good cup of coffee into the bargain.

What you won't really get here is the ability to make specialty coffees with a drip machine. These models are designed to produce a jug of filter coffee and so they won't necessarily come with all the bells and whistles attached if you want to make a cappuccino, espresso or caf

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