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Does your cup of espresso taste better if you make it with a stovetop espresso maker?

By Carol Finch

The stovetop espresso maker is one of the most traditional and popular ways of making espresso coffee. Its popularity probably mainly lies in the fact that this is a simple way of making a consistently high quality cup of espresso and in the fact that these coffee makers are compact to store and easy to clean and maintain.

It is true that many expresso lovers really do prefer to use stove top coffee makers rather than one of the newer and more complex coffee machines. This kind of coffee maker is real simple to use - you simply put your coffee and water into the container and then heat it on the stove. The heat forces the water into the coffee to make the perfect espresso.

There are all kinds of stove top percolators on offer today. You can choose from vintage designs in stainless steel and some makers will even provide pretty ceramic designs to choose from if you want something a little different. Manufacturers such as Bialetti have a particularly good reputation in this field.

It's also possible to buy different sizes of stove top pot nowadays - you can buy a small maker that will make one cup of espresso at a time right through to a large pot that can brew 10+ cups at once.

It is important to make sure you buy the right kind of stove top pot for your needs. There's no point buying a pot that will make 12 cups of espresso at once, for example, if you only ever need to make one cup at a time. Do also be aware that you will need to pick a maker that is a suitable match for your stove.

And, if you do end up buying a small pot it's always a good tip to get some form of trivet which you can place over a burner to keep your stove top pot as stable as possible.

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