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Coffee urns make it big!

By Carol Finch

You may not think of using coffee urns on an everyday basis - after all these machines are designed to brew up a lot of coffee at one time - but, an urn can be a real useful thing to have around.

These machines are very popular for use at both work and for domestic purposes. There is no better (or easier!) way, for example, to serve up freshly brewed coffee for guests at a family gathering, party, executive meeting or other occasion or function - both inside and outside the house or office.

The majority of urns are designed to brew up coffee in large quantities. But, they just don't make coffee - nowadays these kinds of urns are also very versatile. For example, they can keep your coffee warm and fresh.

Some urns will even tell you how long the coffee has been made so you can gauge how fresh it will be for your guests. You can also expect some form of indicator light or button that tells you when your supply of coffee might be running low and all kinds of internal thermostats.

If you do need to make coffee in large quantities then this kind of urn is a must. Nowadays the design of these coffee makers is modern and streamlined - in the past urns have often been bulky and haven't looked so good but this isn't a problem now. For example, there are some particularly fresh looking silver and stainless models on the market.

Don't worry about the cost of urns - they'll obviously cost you more than a standard domestic coffee machine due to their coffee capacity but they really can save you money in the long run. This is your best solution if you need to brew up in quantity - and remember you can buy relatively small sizes of urns nowadays too so this type of machine can suit any kind of bulk coffee needs.

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