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Is organic coffee the best coffee you can buy?

By Carol Finch

Nowadays more and more coffee drinkers are choosing to use organic coffee. It's becoming increasingly popular today to use organic food and drink products in any case and there has been a huge surge of this kind of coffee - both ready ground and in bean form - available to us as consumers in stores and over the Internet.

Coffee that is certified as being organic can come in all shapes and forms. You can, for example, ask your local coffee shop such as Starbucks to make your cup of coffee with organic beans. You can buy flavored organic blends, decaf coffee, organic green coffee beans or beans that have already been through a roast process. You can even go for an organic instant coffee if that's your preference.

There are a couple of key advantages to using coffee with an organic certification. Firstly, most organic coffees will also be fair-trade products. This means that the coffee growers will benefit more directly from your coffee purchase - they will be paid a fair price for the coffee they sell at the very least under fair-trade rules. And then there are also environmental and health concerns. This kind of coffee is often processed and roasted via healthier and less chemically orientated treatments which means that they are simply better for you - and for the environment - in the long run.

You may well find that you will have to pay a little extra for an organic brew than for standard coffee. This is usually the case with any food or drink product that has an organic certification. But the cost differential between organic and non-organic products isn't huge so this shouldn't be so much of an issue. This is especially true if you shop around before you buy to maximize any available cost savings.

The key things to remember here are the advantages of drinking organic - both to your own lifestyle and to that of the actual coffee growers in most cases - these advantages will usually make any extra cost more than worthwhile.

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