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You can't go wrong with a percolator coffee pot!

By Carol Finch

Just a few years ago the percolator coffee pot was one of the major kitchen equipment essentials in many of our homes. Even today this method of brewing coffee remains real popular with many coffee drinkers and there is still a steady influx of new models to choose from in the market.

Don't be fooled by claims from some coffee aficionados that this kind of coffee machine is best retired as a vintage method of making coffee! Using a percolator makes it real easy to brew up freshly ground coffee that tastes great whenever you want it. And, this is an easy way to make the coffee you love.

Percolators usually come as either stove top models or as electric machines. The way they work is simple. You fill the water storage area with water, add coffee to the filter area then let the pot do the work for you. You can even choose percolator pots to match your kitchen nowadays - they come in ceramic finishes, pyrex or glass models and in stainless steel, for example.

It is true that this kind of coffee machine does have some limitations. They were designed to make filter coffee so if cappuccino is your drink then you won't get much joy here. But, these machines are very economical to buy and produce consistently good results time after time which outweighs any disadvantages.

Nowadays most electric percolator pots some with detachable bases into the bargain so you can take the coffee pot where you like when you've brewed your coffee. You can even buy models that allow you to control the strength of the coffee you brew and most will have a warming facility that makes sure that the last cup of coffee from the pot tastes as good as the first cup you pour!

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