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Single serve coffee makers - a revolution in coffee making

By Carol Finch

Single serve coffee makers such as the Philips and Senseo models have revolutionized the way that we can and do make coffee at home. These coffee stations basically take a special coffee pouch or pod that slots into the machine and which then produces a single cup of coffee - of your choice - for you to enjoy.

The big advantage here is that these kinds of coffee machines are incredibly versatile. So, if you feel like an espresso, you simply slot in an espresso serving. If you want a cappuccino, then you slot one of those in. The choices you are given with these machines in terms of the kinds of coffee you can enjoy are great - it's hard to find other coffee makers that really are this versatile.

These coffee makers really can turn your kitchen into a bona fide coffee shop and - because the pods or pouches you use are self-contained - there will be no mess, no fuss and no preparation involved. Once you've made your cup of coffee you simply throw the pod or pouch away. This kind of storage method also means that your coffee is always fresh and that it will taste consistently good time after time.

Some people do find that these machines and the pouches/pods you need to make your coffee can be a little more expensive than other methods of making coffee. However, the versatility that they give you is worth the extra money if you are a true coffee lover.

One good way to make sure that you get the best possible price for your machine here is to do a price comparison on the Internet to try and dig out the best bargain. You may also find that it's also easier to buy the serving pods or pouches online as well - it's real easy to buy them in bulk which can save you a considerable amount of money too.

Also see drip coffee machines for more details.


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