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Vacuum coffee makers - the best cup of coffee you can make at home?

By Carol Finch

Many true coffee aficionados swear by the merits of vacuum coffee makers when it comes to brewing coffee at home or in restaurants and other commercial premises. These kinds of coffee makers use vacuum technology in the coffee brewing process. And, many people believe that this simply makes a more consistent and tasty cup of coffee.

In simple terms vacuum technology basically gives you a completely consistent temperature as your coffee is brewed - so you really will get the best cup of coffee you can make each and every time you make one.

With this kind of machine you won't get any sediment in your cup of java and it's virtually impossible to make a bitter cup of coffee here. Also, the majority of these machines aren't made of metal - they are made of glass which can again have an effect on the taste of the coffee you make.

You'll find that many major coffee machine manufacturers will offer this kind of vacuum technology - for example, Bodum and Cona have a strong reputation in this field. One point to make here, however, is that you may find that this kind of coffee maker can be a little more expensive than standard models. And, as they generally run on burners you'll need to buy special fuel - and in some cases - accessories for them as you use them.

If the taste of your coffee really matters to you then this kind of coffee maker will suit you right down to the ground. Do take a look at some of these models if you're in the market for a new coffee maker - the designs utilized in this sector of the coffee maker industry are elegant and striking. So, you can not only enjoy the perfectly brewed cup of coffee but you also get a coffee maker that looks great too!

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