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Get the best of both worlds with a combo espresso coffee maker

By Carol Finch

The combo espresso coffee maker is one of the best options on the domestic coffee appliance market today. This kind of machine can brew up the perfect cup of espresso for you if that's what you fancy or it can simply make a perfect pot of coffee - most combo coffee/espresso machines combine an espresso section with a standard drip coffee section - so you really will get the best of both worlds!

This kind of coffee maker has solved a big problem for many coffee lovers. In the past you would have had to buy two machines to get both of these coffee making options in your kitchen but nowadays this kind of maker slots both facilities into one compact machine.

So, you can make the kind of coffee you want whenever you want it from one appliance - and it won't take up to much room and it'll be real easy to clean.

You also get a lot of added features with many models in this sector. For example, some machines come with milk frothers for cappuccino and some come with warming plates. One thing you won't get here is complete control over how your espresso is made in the way that you would with a fully manual espresso maker.

But, today's technology does mean that coffee makers produce high-quality and consistent results nowadays so this shouldn't be an issue. If you have any worries on this score go online and look at review sites to find out what other coffee lovers think of machines you like the look of. This is the best way to get an idea of how your coffee will taste before you actually pay for a machine!

You may well find that this kind of combo maker will come in cheaper than other coffee makers - it'll certainly be cheaper than buying two separate machines. Do remember, however, that you will save even more money if you shop around. If you spend just a few minutes online doing a price comparison you'll find that you could save a surprising amount of money.

For more information on combo espresso machines go here!


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