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Coffee filters really can make a difference!

By Carol Finch

Many people just buy any old kind of coffee filters for their coffee percolator or maker. They simply believe that the filters they use can be of a cheap and standard type and that they won't actually have an effect on the cup of coffee they brew.

The truth is that there are all kinds of filter line options open to you as a coffee drinker from various makers such as Braun, Cuisinart, Illy, Kenmore, Krups, Melitta and Mr. Coffee (to name but a few!). And, the one you choose can have a direct effect on the quality of the coffee you make!

The majority of people use paper filters - these are cheap, effective and simple to use and, because you throw them away after a single use, they also - conveniently - don't need cleaning. Some people, however, find that the taste of their coffee can be affected by the paper that is used in some of these filters so you may need to experiment to find a brand you like best.

Another consideration here is whether you buy bleached or unbleached filters. Again this will ultimately be down to your own personal preference.

It's also possible to buy cloth filters which are reusable and some coffee drinkers find they get a better taste with this option. Do remember, however, that you will need to clean your filter after use here and that they won't last forever.

Gold filters are becoming increasingly popular in the reusable filter sector. These filters are basically made of metal which has been treated so as not to have an adverse effect on your coffee. These filters can last a long time and are easy to clean so it's hardly surprising that they are so popular.

The filters you end up using really will be all about what's cheapest and easiest for you. And, of course, any effects that they have on the taste of your coffee will play a part in your final choice as well. Just remember the cardinal rule when it comes to buying coffee filters - make sure you buy the right size for your coffee maker!

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