Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
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The coffee gourmet's snack delight - chocolate covered coffee beans.

By Carol Finch

Chocolate covered coffee beans are a real treat for coffee lovers. Now you can eat your coffee by the bean (with the added bonus of a chocolate covering!) as well as drink it by the cup.

In the past these chocolate-covered treats were most often given out free with your cup of coffee in restaurants at the end of your meal. Now, it's perfectly possible to buy them yourself - either to enjoy at home or as an extra special gift.

Most commercial makers will wrap the covered beans up real nice and sell them in gift boxes - so they do make the perfect gift as they are so pretty as well.

And, you can even buy these chocolate beans made from gourmet flavored coffee beans nowadays which adds an extra twist. If your coffee bean fanatic is also a true chocolate lover (and many coffee drinkers are!) then check out their favorite gourmet chocolate maker - many are nowadays manufacturing coffee beans covered in gourmet handmade chocolate!

You can even make your own chocolate beans at home if you like. It's not actually that hard to do and there are various guides and recipes available on the Internet to help you on your way. Making your own beans simply involves melting chocolate or a special chocolate mix that you prepare and then covering your beans yourself. Again this could be the perfect gift for any coffee lover you know.

Few coffee lovers can see any negatives to the chocolate coffee bean - apart from the fact that they can be addictive! Do be careful not to eat too many at once, however, as the combination of coffee and chocolate can be a bit rich for some and may push you over the caffine edge if you're not careful!

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