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By Carol Finch

If you love your coffee then you'll love the idea of coffee clubs. Those of us that like drinking coffee are always on the look out for new bean and brew news and new products to try - but they can often be hard to come by if we're restricted to shopping locally all of the time. This is where a coffee club can help you out, however.

These kinds of clubs generally work on a monthly subscription basis - you basically pay a fee once a month to get membership benefits. Benefits will typically include a delivery of various types of coffee beans/ground coffee every month for you to sample and other extras including stuff like newsletters, information, magazines and discounts on your coffee and related equipment purchases. What you get will really depend on the club you choose to join.

These clubs are a great way to learn more about coffee and to taste some great new gourmet brews that you may never have found out about otherwise. But, the downside is you will have to pay to join the club and to keep your membership going.

So, your membership won't come for free - however, it also doesn't have to cost that much. Many clubs nowadays charge only a minimal fee and will allow you to stop your membership whenever you like. You should avoid clubs that expect you to sign up for months at a time - if you decide you don't like the stuff they send you then you'll be out of pocket until your membership expires.

One tip here is to look at the Internet and try and find a coffee club that offers a free trial - sometimes clubs will use this as an incentive for you to sign up. If you can find this then you'll be able to see how the club works and to sample their recommendations before you have to pay which can't be a bad thing!

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