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Costa Rican coffee beans - great flavor and high ratings

By Carol Finch

Costa Rican coffee beans always score consistently highly with coffee experts. The country is ideally located to grow high-quality Arabica coffee beans which means that you'll simply enjoy a better cup of coffee with this region's beans than with other more standard bean types.

Arabica beans such as those grown in Costa Rica go through a special washing process which brings out the best flavor of the bean without too much of a caffeine kick.

So, if you buy Costa Rican estate beans to make your coffee then you can fully expect a full bodied brew without the bitterness or aftertaste that is often associated with beans of a lower standard. Costa Rica's coffee plantations are renowned throughout the world for their expertise and consistency in coffee production. It's also real easy to buy fair trade and organic beans from the country.

One thing you may find if you're looking at Costa Rican beans is that they won't be the cheapest beans on the block. These are, after all, premium grade coffee beans so you should expect to pay a little bit extra. But, this extra cost will be more than paid back in the taste and quality you enjoy from your beans. So, even if you save Costa Rican coffee just for special occasions, it's well worth buying.

You can buy your Costa Rican beans either as green (unroasted) beans or as ready roasted beans. Some coffee lovers do prefer to roast their own beans as they feel that this gives them complete control of the roasting process. Roasting your own beans also means that you do get very fresh coffee. But, given the high quality of Costa Rican beans you will still get a great cup of coffee even if you buy ready roasted.

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