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Coffee gift baskets - the perfect gift for the coffee lover?

By Carol Finch

If you ever need to buy a gift for someone you know who loves coffee then coffee gift baskets could well be the answer. These baskets are a fantastic alternative to boring, run-of-the-mill gifts and are guaranteed to please all kinds of coffee lovers!

The kind of basket or box you buy here and its contents will vary depending on where you buy it from and how much you are prepared to pay. Many people will look for a branded basket such as one from a shop such as Starbucks or from Folger's, for example whereas other people will look to buy baskets with a different range of contents.

So, you could buy a standard type of basket that might contain different types of coffee or something more exotic such as a gift that contains flavored or gourmet coffee, a special coffee mug or a piece of related equipment.

Some gift baskets even come with something to eat such as cookies or handcrafted candy, for example. And, in certain cases, you can arrange to buy a customized basket so you can pick and choose what goes in your actual gift yourself.

The one big problem here is often cost - it will always cost that little bit extra to buy a basket of goods than to buy them separately. But, these kinds of baskets are special gifts so you probably won't mind spending a little extra - and, if you shop around on the Internet, you'll be sure to find a bargain.

And remember, if you can't find the kind of basket to suit you and your budget, you could always decorate a basket or a box and buy the contents yourself. This gives the gift an extra special edge as the person you give it to will know that you've put a little extra effort into thinking about their gift.

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