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Guatemala coffee beans - part of the history of coffee production

By Carol Finch

Guatemala coffee beans are extremely highly rated in most coffee expert circles. The region has been growing coffee beans on its plantations for centuries and is one of the highest ranked coffee producers in the world. You may, for example, have heard of the Antigua type of coffee bean which is very well known in the coffee industry.

Guatemala enjoys a high altitude which is usually held to help grow and produce the highest quality of coffee beans that are available on the market. The coffee estate, farm and exports industry employs a high proportion of locals so it's obvious that coffee production continues to be extremely important to the country.

If you're thinking about trying Guatemalan beans or are looking for something new then it's worth remembering that not all coffee grown in the region will taste the same. In very simple terms the beans produced in the country will be graded according to the altitude at which they were grown and cultivated.

The very best beans that you can buy from this region will have been grown at a higher altitude with other beans graded lower because they were grown at a lower altitude.

As you might expect you'll most likely have to pay more for those beans that were grown at this higher altitude and less for the lower graded ones. This isn't so much of an issue as you'll still get a great cup of coffee from the majority of Guatemalan beans - if you can pay a little bit extra, however, you could get a fantastic brew from the country's premium beans.

It's actually not that difficult to get hold of these premium Guatemalan beans if you shop around a little and look out for special offers and discounts. Buying coffee online is a big industry nowadays so even a quick Internet search should throw up some coffee sellers that could save you some money to buy a premium bean.

This is definitely worth doing as you will be able to taste the quality difference with your first sip so give it a go!

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