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Say Aloha to Hawaiian coffee beans!

By Carol Finch

Hawaii may not be the first place you think of when it comes to coffee but Hawaiian coffee beans really are a premium product that are highly regarded by many coffee experts. The island is best known as the home of Kona coffee which is grown on the slopes of a volcano there but there's more to Hawaiian coffee than just this.

The fact is that the coffee farmers on the island can and do grow various types of bean on their plantations and have been doing so since the 1800s. The Kauai region, for example, is perhaps one of the best known coffee bean estates in the isles.

Unlike many South American coffee producing countries Hawaii lies at quite a low altitude which might lead you to believe that the beans produced may not be of the best and highest grades. Coffee experts generally agree that coffee beans that are grown at a low altitude are not of such high quality as beans that are grown at high altitude such as Arabica beans.

However, Hawaiian beans consistently buck trends and produce great tasting coffee even though they don't have a high altitude advantage. And, you can often buy them without the premium prices that are often attached to other countries high quality products.

Do be aware that you may, however, be expected to pay more for certain types of bean from Hawaii such as for Kona beans simply because a famous and popular name can bump up prices. You can, however, get round this by searching for good deals on the Internet or by buying green (unroasted) beans and roasting them yourself.

This also gives you the advantage of being able to control your own roasting process. Alternatively, you could simply be adventurous and try some of the other Hawaiian estate beans and see how you like them in comparison.

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