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Try a new coffee style with Indonesian coffee beans

By Carol Finch

Indonesian coffee beans have always been popular with coffee drinkers - even though you may not necessarily think of Indonesia first when you think of coffee producing countries.

But, this paradise on earth has been growing and cultivating coffee beans in style for centuries - so, if you haven't tried Indonesian beans yet then they are certainly worth a try! And remember, Java got its name from the region so there's a good history there!

One thing that puts many people off trying beans from a company in this region is that they aren't always considered to be of the highest grade. However the best grade coffee beans - Arabica beans - are grown in Indonesia. They are just not necessarily grown exclusively.

The majority of beans grown in the region's plantations will be of a lower grade than Arabica. So, if you've tried Indonesian coffee before and haven't liked it that much or didn't think that it was particularly special then you may well have tested a lower grade bean rather than a higher-quality Arabica one.

It's worth noting, however, that many coffee experts consider that the Arabica beans that are produced by Indonesia do rank extremely highly in quality terms compared to other types of Arabica bean - so, is you're a true coffee lover, then trying them will be a real delight. These really are considered to be premium beans!

Because not all Indonesian beans are of the highest quality you'll probably find that many types of coffee beans from this region are very reasonably priced which is always a bonus as even the lower grade beans will produce a good cup of coffee. You will, however, probably find that the top quality beans from the country's plantation may come at a premium cost.

You can get round this by keeping an eye out on the Internet for special deals and by shopping around generally and doing price comparisons to find yourself the best deal. This really is worth that little bit of extra effort!

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