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Jamaican coffee beans - more than just a Blue Mountain thing?

By Carol Finch

Ask any true coffee fan about Jamaican coffee beans and the first thing they'll say to you is Blue Mountain. These beans that come from the Blue Mountain region of the country are the most famous coffee beans grown in Jamaica (and are among some of the most famous coffees in the world!) - they produce a great cup of flavorsome and enjoyable coffee. So, is this all there is with Jamaican beans?

The answer has to be no - Jamaica is also rightfully lauded for the other types of beans its plantations produce. These are often classified as Lowland beans.

These include beans such as High Mountain, Jamaica Prime and Jamaica Select. You have to remember that Jamaica has been involved in coffee production since the 1700s - so the country has had a lot of time to build its reputation for high quality beans!

One of the major drawbacks of buying some sorts of Jamaican bean - such as Blue Mountain - is that its fame and high-quality does add a premium price. You can get round this by buying in bulk or by buying over the Internet where you can often find fantastic bargains. Another way to get cheaper beans from the region is to buy them green - that is to say to buy them unroasted.

You can then roast them yourself which is, in itself, a great way to control the coffee brewing process as you can decide on roasting levels yourself and not have them dictated by the company that roasted them.

Do remember, however, that it will certainly be worth your while to give Blue Mountain beans a try. This is one of the most highly rated coffees in the world and the beans really do deserve their reputation. For many coffee lovers Jamaican beans are the beans to buy - whether you save them for special occasions or brew them up regularly.

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