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Go on safari for some Kenya coffee beans!

By Carol Finch

Kenya coffee beans are probably among the best known types of coffee beans in the world. There are probably few coffee lovers out there that haven't tried a Kenyan coffee - either as beans or as a coffee blend - at some time or other.

If you haven't yet tried the country's coffee beans then go out and do it right now. You're in for a real treat!

Coffee experts view Kenyan coffee as reliable and of high-quality. The government of the country and the coffee producers take the region's coffee production and standard of export extremely seriously so there is a consistency with Kenyan coffee that you may not find in every region in the coffee producing world.

It's really great to experiment with Kenyan coffee as not all beans are the same. The country's beans can be used to make up your standard everyday brew or - if you buy premium beans - then you can also use some types of bean for those very special occasions.

For example, many coffee experts will recommend beans from Estate Kenya - this coffee producer is extremely highly rated in coffee circles and does produce a truly exceptional cup of coffee. Do be aware, however, that you'll pay a lot more for these beans in most cases than for other Kenyan coffee. But, if you try a cup, you'll probably agree that it makes such a high quality brew that it is worth the extra money.

If price is an issue with you here then other Kenyan beans will still give you a great cup of coffee. And remember the Internet has loads of online coffee sellers on it now so it's always possible to do a little research and digging around to find a good price for the best Kenyan beans.

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