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Introducing that old favorite - coffee pots!

By Carol Finch

Coffee pots are the old favorite in the coffee making industry. There are few of us out there that haven't watched an old cowboy movie on the TV and seen the hero brew up a cup of his favorite coffee on his campfire in a battered old tin pot before he turns in for the night!

Nowadays there are hundreds of different types of coffee pot to choose from. We can take a pot camping or backpacking with us, we can buy sleek silver or stainless steel pots to enhance our kitchen stove or pretty pottery pots that run on electricity and we can buy thermal, insulated or vacuum based percolator pots. Our choices here really are endless.

The majority of coffee machine makers will have at least one coffee pot in their ranges. Well-known names in this field include Mr. Coffee, Melitta, Krupps, Kitchenaid, Kar-n-Home, Cuisinart, Black & Decker, Bodum and Braun, for example.

Choosing the right coffee pot for your own coffee drinking habits may not be as easy as you might think - simply because there are so many to choose from. So, you'll need to think a little about what you need from a pot before you buy one. Issues here include stuff like how many cups you'll want to make, how you'll want to make the coffee, whether you want a stay warm function and - last but not least! - how you want your pot to look.

It's real easy to find a pot that will match your kitchen scheme or decoration as well as one that meets your coffee drinking needs.

As the average coffee pot can do a lot more now than ever before it makes sense to do a little research into products before you buy as well. All you need to do here is to log on to the Internet and read a few reviews to get a feel for how particular pots work for other people.

And, if you do this you may well find some useful links to price comparison sites or discount offers as well so you could save yourself some hard cash into the bargain.

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