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Brazilian coffee beans - the big daddy in the coffee world?

By Carol Finch

We've all heard of Brazilian coffee beans - the country has a long and lauded history of growing coffee beans and the plantations and exporters are major employers within Brazil. An awful lot of the world's coffee is also still produced by the region today.

The truth is that both the landscape and the weather in Brazil are great for coffee production across all regions which is why the country has been such a big player in coffee production for so many centuries.

So, is all Brazilia coffee the same? Well, not according to many coffee experts. Like any coffee producing region Brazil produces coffee of many different types and quality levels.

You'll find both Arabica (the best type of coffee bean according to experts) and Robusta (a lower grade of coffee bean according to experts) grown in the country. As you might expect you'll pay more for an Arabica bean then for a Robusta bean.

Beans such as Santos, for example, are extremely highly regarded whereas some beans aren't graded so highly. This doesn't mean that you'll get a bad cup of coffee necessarily from a lower grade bean - just that you could get a really great cup of coffee from a higher grade one! If you're looking for something real special from Brazil then look for an Arabica bean rather than a Robusta.

If you haven't yet tried Brazilian beans (which is unlikely given their popularity and availability!) then do try some soon. Brazilian coffee is extremely popular because it produces a mild and sweet taste so it's perfect for every day drinking. And, if you pay a little more for a bean such those produced under the Santos name then you could find yourself drinking something very special indeed.

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