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Everything from frothers, filters, cups, & mugs - Essential Coffee Accessories

By Robert B.

Once you've got your coffee brewed, however you decide to get to that point, there are plenty of other accessories you should consider to make sure you're completely set for a pleasurable coffee experience.

Here's some items I consider essential, however don't consider this list all inclusive by any means.

Cups & Mugs

Whether you're looking for ceramic mugs for home or travel mugs for those long treks into the office, you'll need them to drink your coffee in.

Obviously you know what these are. Do I really need to elaborate?


Different coffee makers require different types of filters, so there's plenty of variety on that respect.

But also many different filters exist of different materials and chemical treatments.

My advice: stick with what you know unless you're feeling daring.

Milk Frothers

Here's another no-brainer for those that are concerned about the appearance of their coffee. Want it frothed? Well, then get a frother!

Milk frothers are ideal for those who like a little milk (duh) in their espresso or cappuccino.

Pots & Servers

Whether you need one for your home or a dozen for a restaurant, selecting a coffee pot or server isn't something you should overlook.

When most people think of a coffee pot or server, they picture the clear glass one with a black handle that sets under their drip coffee machine.

That's such a narrow definition of a coffee server, when many often resemble decorated tea servers common in countries outside the United States. With kitchens and households becoming increasingly more retro, a decorative coffee server would make the perfect accent to any get-together.

Certainly there's a dozen other things I could list here for your coffee, but I'd rather not bore you with all the details. Browse this site for more details about tons of different accessories for your coffee maker and experience.

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