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Coffee Beans - By Region & Type

By Robert B.

It's the gourmet coffee beans that truly make a great cup; nothing more, nothing less.

And with different types of beans coming from nearly every country in the world, it's enough to keep any coffee connoisseur satisfied.

To help in your search, we've put together some lists below of the most common types of coffee beans: By Region, By Type, and some resources for Recipes. You'll then be able to learn more about each type to your hearts content!

By Region

Looking for that special brew of beans from Latin America or Africa? Get information on various countries coffee practices:

Bolivia Indonesia
Brazil Jamaican
Cameroon Kenya
Colombia Mexico
Costa Rica Nicaragua (4)
Ecuador Papua New Guinea (6)
El Salvador Peru (7()
Ethiopia Puerto Rico
Guatemala Tanzania (4)
Hawaii Uganda (1)
India Yemen
Uganda (1)

By Type

Here's a summary of popular types of coffee, along with a link to more information about each type:

  • Coffee Pods - These little pouches are popular for single serve coffee brewers and only containt enough coffee for a copy or two. The gound beans are enclosed in a membrane that resembles filter material.

  • Ground Coffee - This is how most people buy their coffee, roasted and ground up, ready for brewing.

  • Organic Coffee - Coffee that is produced under strict guidelines; generally with no pesticides or fertilizers.

  • Roasts - Generally comes in light, medium, or dark roasts; with the later requiring more roasting time. Lighter roasts usually contain more natural coffee flavors, while darker roasts have more a "roasted" flavor that eclipse the taste of any specialty beans.

  • Specialty Blends - Coffee that has a non-coffee flavoring, such as hazelnut and chocolate.

  • Whole Bean Coffee - Can come roasted or not, depending if you like to roast the beans on your own to maximize flavors (coffee's flavor begins to disappate after roasted). Once you've got roasted beans, you'll need a way to grind them up to use when brewing.

Shopping for Coffee Beans

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  • Community Coffee - The name says it all! Community Coffee is well known for it's quality beans. Great prices on great beans.

  • - Coffee Beans - Huge selection of coffee beans from the Internet's largest store. They also can offer extremely low prices because they sell a large amount of coffee beans.


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