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Everything from coffee gifts to monthly bean clubs

By Robert B.

Everyone loves coffee (well at least 80% of Americans or so) and surprising a someone with a coffee related gift is always the sure ticket to getting on their good side.

With a wide variety of options, from coffee gift baskets to monthly clubs, it's often hard to decide what exactly to get them.

Gift Baskets

Coffee gift baskets come in a variety of styles, offering everything from whole coffee beans, grinded beans, and even beans from different locations around the world.

They often include coffee flavored goodies, such as chocolate covered coffee beans or various other candies.

Monthly Clubs

The gift that keeps on giving! For that individual that likes to step beyond their daily cups of Folgers or Maxwell House, a coffee club subscription is perfect. Generally every couple of weeks or monthly a new type of coffee beans (grinded or whole) is mailed directly to their door.

Generally, these things aren't too expensive and make it seem like you put a lot of thought into their gift, even when you really didn't!

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