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The coffee glossary for coffee lovers everywhere!

By Carol Finch

Welcome to our coffee glossary. Here you'll find a brief guide to some of the most popular coffee terms aimed at both coffee lovers and coffee novices alike.

Acidity - Coffee experts will use the term acidity to help describe the taste of any particular coffee. The acidity is what can give a coffee that little extra edge on its natural sweetness without making it taste bitter.

Arabica Beans - Arabica coffee beans are the type of beans that are most highly rated by industry experts. This type of bean produces the highest quality coffee and you'll generally find that it is grown at high altitude. You'll usually pay a little extra for Arabica beans as opposed to lower grade beans such as Robusta (see more about Robusta later in the coffee glossary).

Aroma - You can use the word aroma to describe the smell of your coffee bean or brewed coffee.

Barista - A Barista is the person who makes up your coffee order in your local coffee shop. Baristas nowadays are highly trained individuals who understand how to make the best cup of coffee possible no matter how you take your coffee.

Blend - The term blend is used to describe coffee that is made up from more than one type of coffee bean.

Body - The term body is used to describe an element of the taste of coffee - i.e. full-bodied.

Caffeine - Caffeine is the stuff that makes coffee fun! Caffeine is basically a drug found in coffee - it's the stuff that can give you a buzz when you drink your brew. Too much caffeine can make you cranky, give you headaches and generally make you feel under par.

Cappuccino - Cappuccino is a popular type of coffee composed of espresso coffee, milk and foamed milk on top. It's often also enjoyed with chocolate and/or cinnamon sprinkles on top as well.

Cherry - Coffee beans grow in cherries - this is the fruit produced by a coffee plant with the beans being harvested from within the coffee cherry.

Coffee Beans - Coffee beans are the beans harvested from the coffee plant which can be commercially roasted or sold green (unroasted). Once roasted and ground they are used to make your cup of coffee.

Coffee Pods - Coffee pods are individually sealed and wrapped

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