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Coffee Bean Grinders - Taking your beans down to size

By Robert B.

Who knew there are so many different types of coffee bean grinders!

If you're roasting your own beans or buying whole beans, while attempting to preserve flavor, then you'll find use for a bean grinder. After all, you need it to be ground coffee beans before you brew it!

There are many different types and styles of grinders available, while some aren't even "grinders" in the sense of the word.


Many home coffee grinders are actually choppers; devices that use blades spinning extremely fast to chop the beans into uneven portions without any pattern.

The excess heat created by fast chopping causes some of the flavor to be lost in the coffee beans.

Some people even use blenders to do this job, however many people say this is a bad idea and can dull its blades.

Burr Grinders

Or sometimes simply referred to as grinders; this method allows for a more uniform grinding of the coffee beans into fine particles.

Conical burr grinders operate at lower speeds and preserve the most aroma, while disk burr grinders are ideal for home use because they tear the beans apart at higher speeds. However, as a result of the higher speed, disk burr grinders remove some aroma, but not nearly as much as chopping the beans does.

As a general recommendation, quality burr grinders run from $100 and above, while cheaper $20 models receive the most compliants about quality and maintenance.

If you're having trouble selecting a grinder for your situation, I recommend that you read this article.

Shopping for Bean Grinders

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