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Confused with coffee terms? Check our coffee glossary & FAQ

By Robert B.

Whether you've been drinking coffee for 20 years, less than 1, or some other time period, learning the lingo is not something that happens overnight.

And it doesn't help that new types of drinks are constantly requiring new terminology.

While browsing the main sections of the site to the right, be sure to check out the FAQ and glossary sections below.

Coffee FAQ

What are the best types of coffee bean to look out for?

The type of coffee you end up drinking will ultimately be a matter of personal taste but it is worth knowing the difference between the two primary types of coffee beans - Arabica and Robusta. Most Arabica beans are considered to be of a higher premium grade than Robusta beans so they'll generally produce a better tasting cup of coffee. Robusta beans are often simply used in blends and instant coffee.

Is it true that ready ground coffee is not as fresh as coffee beans?

Yes. As soon as you grind coffee beans they will start to lose their freshness. So, for example, if you buy a vacuum packed bag of coffee from a store then it will start to lose freshness as soon as you open it and may well taste stale if you don't use it up quickly. Your best bet is to either grind your own beans or to buy them from a store that will grind them for you when you're ready to buy.

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Coffee Glossary of Terms

Acidity - Coffee experts will use the term acidity to help describe the taste of any particular coffee. The acidity is what can give a coffee that little extra edge on its natural sweetness without making it taste bitter.

Arabica Beans - Arabica coffee beans are the type of beans that are most highly rated by industry experts. This type of bean produces the highest quality coffee and you'll generally find that it is grown at high altitude. You'll usually pay a little extra for Arabica beans as opposed to lower grade beans such as Robusta (see more about Robusta later in the coffee glossary).

Aroma - You can use the word aroma to describe the smell of your coffee bean or brewed coffee.

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