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Coffee Makers & Machines - From drip / single serve to vacuum & presses

By Robert B.

There are many different types, styles, and manufacturers of coffee makers on the market, certainly too many to list here. And it's no easier shopping for a coffee maker yourself.

Should you go for a traditional drip machine, a speedy vacuum setup, or a new single serve maker?

How much should I be prepared to spend on a quality coffee maker that will last for years & years?

Those are just a few of the questions you'll find yourself asking; if you're a savy consumer, that is.

Here's a little about the most popular styles of coffee makers.

Drip Coffee Machines

  • This type of brewing is the most familiar type to American's. These drip machines employ a filter to hold the coffee grounds, while hot water is allowed to drip down onto the beans and through the filter into a basic coffee pot.

    Different styles of drip coffee makers are available and yield different strengths of coffee according to the ratio of water to grounds.

Single Serve Makers

  • Single serve coffee makers generally brew a cup or two (depending on size) of your favorite java in 30 seconds to 1 minute.

    Many take advantage of coffee pods, which hold enough coffee for a cup or two, sealed in a filter like membrane.

    Basically it's coffee, but without the filter and scoop for your grounds. More questions on single serve makers can be answered here.

Vacuum Coffee Makers

  • This style of coffee maker consists of bowl of coffee grounds set atop a coffee pot of water, connected by a filter. The water is heated and due to increased pressure, rises into the bowl of coffee grounds.

    The apparatus is then cooled, and the water returns into the coffee pot as coffee.

    Some people claim vacuum brewing is the best, but then again, everyone claims their love for different coffee brewing techniques.

French Coffee Presses

  • A different style of coffee maker that involves adding hot water to grinded coffee beans, stirring, and then letting the mixture set.

    The grinds are then pressed (hence the name) to the bottom of the pot and held in place with a filter. The coffee is then ready to pour and serve.

Percolators & Urns

  • A coffee percolator (think Cowboys on a campfire) involves boiling water in the percolator and having it pass through the coffee grinds which are stored in the middle.

    Many models feature a glass or plastic top piece so the brewer can view the coffee's color and texture.

Coffee urns are essentially larger coffee pots with higher capacity and speed.

As you can undoubtedly see, there are many-a-ways to brewing a perfect cup of joe. Of course, "perfect" is only a relative term to the drinker.

Regardless, exploring new methods of brewing can be a breath of fresh air to any daily coffee drinker.

Shopping for Coffee Makers

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