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Put some spice in your coffee drinking with Mexican coffee beans!

By Carol Finch

Mexican coffee beans are often viewed as best used for blends and for flavored coffees, for example. This belief is based on the fact that coffee beans from this country are basically quite cheap so it is cost effective for manufacturers to buy in bulk here and to use their trade beans as a blend or mix.

To be honest this does do the coffee produced in this country a disservice. Mexican coffees have an extremely pleasant body and acidity and you can use them to create any kind of coffee from a regular drip filter through to a strong expresso. There really is the potential to experiment with beans from this region.

Much of the really good coffee that comes out of the country is of single origin and is extremely highly rated.

If you look, for example, for coffee beans that are grown in Oaxaca then you could buy yourself a real treat. Some coffee experts rate these beans as being of the highest quality in the world but this may not always be the case as consistency can be a bit of an issue here. But, if you are lucky with the beans you buy then could be drinking a cup of coffee with real style.

Another plus point with Mexican coffee is that much of it is farmed using organic and fair trade structures in co-operatives and in small company set-ups so you'll also know that the cup you drink is putting something back into the local economy. It can be hard for smaller countries such as Mexico to compete with the giants such as America so every little helps!

Mexico is, in fact, a major supplier of organic coffee in the sector so bear this in mind next time you want to buy a new brew to try.

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