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Puerto Rican coffee beans - make it Yauco!

By Carol Finch

Puerto Rican coffee beans come from a country that is steeped in all the traditions of coffee making. In fact, coffee has been plantation grown on the island for centuries and the coffee beans that are produced in Puerto Rico are generally highly regarded by both coffee lovers and experts alike.

This island produces coffee suitable for most any event or occasion from brewing up your first cup of coffee in the morning to serving after dinner coffee to your friends.

You really can find most all kinds of quality in the beans produced here - from the regular to the exceptional. The best way to find a Puerto Rican bean that suits you is to experiment a little - the chances are you'll find a few new favorites along the way.

If you're looking to try out a new kind of coffee that gives you something a little extra than a standard bean then the best area of the country from which to buy coffee is probably from plantations in places around a town called Yauco.

The coffee that is grown in this area has always cost more than the norm - but, it's always tasted better than the norm as well. This coffee really does stand out from the crowd. The growers that originally set up production in this area of the country decided early on that they would be looking to charge above the going rate for what they knew was an above average coffee.

And, they don't grow too much of it either - you really will be buying exclusive here.

If you do feel like trying out some Yauco beans then your best option may be to try and buy them via the Internet - you'll usually get a better price for premium beans that way. Hope you can find some!

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