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Besides my coffee site, there are thousands of other resources available online, some even better than my own (maybe).

Here's some other sites where I keep updated on the world of coffee and get my daily "fix."

General Information

  • Coffee Geek - One of the best coffee sites out there. Plenty of practical news, reviews, and informational articles.

  • Coffee Universe - Your coffee universe at hand.

  • About.com Coffee - The coffee and tea section of the popular About.com series of sites.


  • EspressoParts.com - Professional Espresso Machines & Grinders, Coffee Brewing Equipment, Parts for Coffee & Espresso Equipment, Barista Tools and more... Call 1(800)459-5594 for Espresso and Coffee Equipment quotes


  • Coffee Forums - The site's name says it all, however it's not terribly popular and has some room to grow.

  • Coffee Geek Forums - Very active coffee forums by CoffeeGeek.com


  • Single Serve Coffee - New, but great blog on single serve coffee makers. Plenty of hands on reviews really makes it shine.


  • Coffee Review - The original coffee review site. Tons of news items and detailed reviews of various types of beans and coffee makers.

  • Epinions - Coffee Makers - Consumer product reviews on Coffee and Espresso makers.

  • Epinions - Coffee Beans - Reviews from consumers about specific types and brands of coffee beans.


  • Yahoo Coffee Dir - Section of the Yahoo directory focusing on coffee related topics.

  • DMOZ Coffee Dir - Coffee related sites listed in the DMOZ Directory.

Partner Sites

In addition to the quality resources above, we've also gathered other good coffee related sites for your reference. Webmasters, submit your site to be included in this section.

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