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Try Yemen coffee beans - you're in for a treat!

By Carol Finch

A surprising number of real coffee lovers haven't yet discovered the joys of Yemen coffee beans. This is a very real shame as these beans offer a unique tasting experience - even though the country may not be considered to be a major player in the coffee production stakes.

Yemen's relationship with coffee production is probably one of the oldest in the world. The country has established a quiet but impressive reputation as producers of truly fine coffee beans. For example, if you try Arabian Mocha which is grown in Yemen's northern mountain ranges then you won't just be brewing up a lovely cup of coffee but you'll also be brewing up a cup full of history.

This coffee bean is probably one of the oldest types in the world which just goes to make it extra special.

Another great thing about coffee in Yemen is that many coffee farmers prefer to follow the old traditional ways when it comes to farming their beans. So, you'll also get a truly organic experience with most of Yemen's beans. For example, many farmers that produce Arabian Mocha grow it on the same terraces that their ancestors did in the mountains and they process it all naturally without the use of chemicals.

If you haven't tried any coffee beans from this country then prepare yourself for a real treat - well, more than one really. The country doesn't just offer Arabian Mocha as a premium coffee but plenty of other premium coffee beans as well.

So, you could have a lot of fun finding the Yemen bean that suits you best. Best of all the country produces beans with a taste for every mood and occasion so you can pick from beans with all kinds of body, acidity, innate flavor and aroma.

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