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Drink a java toast to the new boys with Zimbabwe coffee beans

By Carol Finch

Zimbabwe coffee beans haven't actually been around all that long - the country doesn't have the longest track record in the coffee production stakes. But, this makes finding a gem from the country a little more special - it's like discovering you like drinking coffee for the first time all over again...

One thing you might find with coffee from this country is that quality is not always consistent across the board - so you might kiss a few of those proverbial frogs before you find a java Prince! But, the chances are you will find a bit of royalty here if you just look around a little.

The country does produce some extremely fine Arabica coffee beans and they do take their grading seriously so you shouldn't have too many problems in the long run. Just remember that this country is having to compete with coffee giants such as Kenya so we shouldn't expect too much too soon.

Most coffee production in Zimbabwe is focused on areas bordering on neighboring Mozambique. The most famous area in this country for coffee is probably Chipinge. Many coffee lovers praise the taste of Zimbabwean coffee as tasting of the sun - this may be taking things a little too far!

But, this is based on the fact that many coffee farmers in the country use organic and traditional methods of harvesting and preparing their coffee - this includes sun-drying in many cases so you can see where the earlier comparison came from. And, it does make for a warm and rich coffee bean!

One tip if you are trying coffee beans from Zimbabwe for the first time is to experiment with them. Different roasts, for example, can bring out all kinds of different taste, body and depth options - all from the same bean!

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